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What if you, at eight-years-old, had the power to raise the dead? Who would you save? And what if one of those souls belonged to Hell? Daniel Christopher survives a near-death experience and returns with the power to raise the dead, attracting a media frenzy and Hell’s vengeance. His only protector is Julia Prine, his guilt-ridden school teacher battling her own personal demons.

Meanwhile, timid salesman Del Morris's life takes a dramatic turn when he discovers a mysterious relic at an archaeological dig. The relic burns with a symbol in his palm, one that repels demonic forces, He’s thrust into a supernatural war with Hell's dark ones. He crosses paths with Daniel and Julia, only to discover a disturbing connection between him and the boy.

Together with Nick Marzigliano, a mob enforcer resurrected by Daniel, they form an unlikely team to protect Daniel from a global cabal intent on killing him and Hell’s Dark Ones. When the First Lady is assassinated. they devise a daring plan for Daniel to bring her back to life, and prevent the young boy’s assassination, leading to a harrowing showdown on a DC Metro train. The encounter leaves Daniel catatonic. Determined to save him, Del must put aside his fears and confront one of Hell’s most powerful entities in a supernatural battle. If he fails, the boy dies and the world is one step closer to the apocalypse.

"Resurrection from Hell" is perfect for fans of Stephen King and Dean Koontz. This pulse-pounding supernatural thriller will keep readers on the edge of their seats, questioning the very fabric of reality.

Resurrection From Hell