J.A. Todd

Welcome to my author page! I was born in sunny Southern California and had the thrill of attending Duke University during the unforgettable era of Streaking (did not participate)

Following my time at Duke, I embarked on an exciting journey as a Naval Aviator, which led to a fulfilling career in aerospace. My work has taken me to the cutting-edge of technology, where I served as the risk manager on a multi-billion dollar advanced fighter program and as a Lean-Six Sigma (continuous improvement) Master Black Belt on several aerospace projects, saving millions for the shareholders

Yet, behind the scenes, my passion for storytelling has always burned brightly. I've spent years honing my craft as a writer, particularly in the genre of supernatural thrillers. I'm excited to share that I'm in the final stages of editing my debut novel, "Resurrection from Hell," to be reviewed by a literary agency

Thank you for visiting, and I hope you'll join me on this thrilling literary journey!